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that oversaw the irs's targeting of tea party groups. president obama gets serious about putting an end to sexual assault in the military. >>> shocking testimony in the penalty phase stuns jurors in the jodi arias case. >>> and advice from pat robertson on adultery. >>> and a murder conviction in the blink of an eye. >>> and becks goes out on top. >>> good morning. the forecast today for washington is partly cloudy. when it comes to the political climate, when it rains, it pourhe
immediately, well, within weeks,ç three audits, within weeks of being placed as a target on president obama's campaign website. that's what i know. that's all i know. i don't know what relationship that has to the targeting. i know i got audited one after another after another, after being put on his website. i don't know the reason that i was audited, i just know the sequences. i think the questions are healthy. but i can't, i can't know that. but i am thrilled that they're asking these hard questions. and i hope that the investigation goes deep. >> do you think they should be -- when you say "deep," do you think there should be an independent outside council conducting this investigation? >> absolutely, i do. absolutely, i do. >> yeah. because right now -- >> i open that happens. >> right now it's the fbi, government agencies. all right, sir, thanks for talking to us today. we appreciate it. that's the way this stuff gets done. you've got to come out and put it all on the table. so we appreciate your time. >> thanks for having me. >> thank you. the targeting scandal isn't the only piece o
in the targeting. secondly, it wasn't the white house that was informed about this, it was made perfectly clear that was case. president obama has stated that, but darrell issa was informed when the audit was taking place last year. so, i think we wanted to stick to the facts. i think once we do that, we'll see this issue gets handled, that there are some corrections made to those who behaved inappropriately. we're not to see it rise to the level ma mcconnell wants it to. >> heather: marco rubio cited examples as well including a national labor relations decision about boeing and mentioned irs audits of some of mitt romney's donors and broader problem. he compared the tactics to third world countries. do you believe this process of intimidation and maybe a broader problem here? >> absolutely. when you look at the president, he is setting this tone. it's a negative tone, he how soon s characterizing these party groups as extremists. you have vice president joe biden calling them terrorists. there is a tone being set by this administration, in essence you wonder where the irs agents got their scr
have to have confidence that they're applying in a nonpartisan way. >> that was president obama last hour reacting to the irs' admission after it was caught that it specifically targeted the tax status of conservative groups during the 2012 elections. but not just conservative groups. the news first broke on friday. we brought it to you here. we have since learned the irs' actions went much further than was originally first reported. an inspector general's report, they were working on this, examining the irs, and it was determined they had done some things. then came the sudden add milgs. they find this practice started back in early 2010 with the irs looking into tea party and patriot groups but that's not all. by june 2011, the list drastically expanded and now included groups that focused on government spending, government debt and taxes. if you're interested in one of those, your irs may have been targeting you for extra screening and scrutiny if you sought tax exempt status. lou dobbs is host of "lou dobbs tonight" on the fox business network. they wanted extra scrutiny and info
. president obama now admitting the irs targeted conservative groups. just moments ago the president issuing a statement saying he has just reviewed the treasury department watchdog report and he finds the findings intolerable and inexcusable. president obama also saying those responsible will be held accountable. we will have much more on the breaking news in a minute. but first. >> the irs is the collection agency of the status. >> clearly we've only started to scratch the surface of this scandal. >> the irs is the collection agency of socialism. >> can you see categorically nobody at the white house and nobody on the president's political team had any kwl
. incontrovertible. then this case. they are targeting tea party members. we danny hear about it love the election, they cover-up benghazi before the election and now the situation with the associated press. it seems to me that the obama white house has some real explaining to do about their behavior. >> i think that is true, but i think that the media needs to be looking in the mirror or, as well. for example, the tea party and other conservative groups have been complaining about unfair targeting by the irs for the last three years. the press ignored them. given that if it was low-level aids, just people in cincinnati doing this and they didn't really have any political acumen, then it wouldn't have been hard for a reporter to pick up the phone and find out or for white house communication to find out if there was a problem. >> we already know washington d.c. knew about it. >> i know. >> let me ask you a question. i would think that all of these things really bother you in terms of the irs intimidating people because of their political point of view. >> i agree. >> benghazi, four dead americans
turning against president obama? some say yes. to then we will talk to the national coordinator to the tea party patriots about being targeted by the irs. she was directly. we are coming right back. tony used priceline to book this 4 star hotel. tell 'em why. free breakfast with express deals, you can save big and find a hotel with free breakfast without bidding. don't you just love those little cereal boxes? priceline savings without the bidding. >> bill: in the impact segment tonight, there are signs that the washington establishment is turned against the obama administration, at least temporarily. senator harry reid says he is appalled by the associated press story and wonders why the justice department didn't just ask the a.p. for information before seizing phone records. "the washington post" giving the administration four pin kno-ho-co co-s meaning he is not telling the truth about how he described the attack on weapon gaze. lots of obama supporters have starting to jump off the ship. joining from you watts washington is kate obenshain and kirsten were powers who said this. the presi
's show? >> did president obama personally direct the irs to target the tea party and other conservative groups? probably not. we will investigate if she should be impeached anyway. and the latest on the justice department seizing phone records and why it could mean impeachment for president obama. and pen gillette talks about being a finalist on "seb bra tee apprentice --" celebrity apprentice". >> your work
admission adding to the growing fallout over irs's admitted targeting of conservative groups. new congressional testimony revealing that members of the obama administration may have known about the inappropriate auditing as early as june of last year, which is during the 2012 election season. hello, everybody. i'm arthel neville. good to see you. welcome to a brand-new hour of inside america's news headquarters and glad to have you here. >> it is. i'm gregg jarrett in for rick folbaum. the new developments coming as we learn that an irs official in charge of the time responsible for the agency's implementation of the president's health care law. medical is live in washington with more. hi. molly. >> hi. republicans are raising questions about sarah hall ingram, who is now in charge of the irs's obamacare division. but she has been the head of the tax exempt office, while some of this targeting of conservative groups was going on. now that she'll lead the irs and monitoring everybody's health insurance and the new taxes and the new fines associated with obamacare, some on the gop a
division during the alleged targeting of conservative groups is one of the people in charge of implementing obama care which is sparking controversy of its own. >> democrats say there is not any evidence that sarah hall ingram knew that conservative groups were being targeted by the i.r.s. but republicans say she was the head of the whole tax exempt division of the tax agency and sounding the alarm she's heading up the i.r.s.' division of implementing obama care. >> given she just went from literally running the division while this whole fiasco was going on, now she's going to run the obama care enforcement division. it's scary. >> but joseph grant, her successor, didn't know about the targeting until after six months when ingram was tied to the i.r.s. scandal. >> i have heard that -- i don't know had her personally, but i have heard that she has a high degree of professionalism and not in a position of responsibility over these actions. >> the outgoing i.r.s. acting commissioner, steven miller, pushed out because of the scandal called ingram a, quote, suburb civil service. >> a new federal
. >> mr. obama's answer, or nonanswer, take your pick, to a bloomberg news reporter's question about who at the white house knew and when did they know about the irs targeting and interrogating conservative groups who wanted tax exempt status. one of the three scandals getting media attention this week. the coverage has been decidedly mixed. the "washington post" reacted with this: so it was appalling to learn friday that the irs had improperly targeted conservative groups for scrutiny. it was almost as disturbing, that president obama and treasury secretary jack lew have not personally apologized to the american people and promised a full investigation. compare that with this from the "new york times": irs focus on conservatives gives gop an issue to seize on. apparently to the times, jim, it's all about the politics [ laughter ] right. look, this story is moving so quickly that just on friday they were having hearings on this and so it's almost impossible to keep up with the number of revelations about this. it does appear, though, that there is a pattern here when the white house sa
. obama's second term agenda. >> my question is who is going to jail over the scandal? >> geraldo: the targeting of the irs by the tea party and other conservatives. >> was the irs using inappropriate criteria in its review of organizations applying for tax exempt status? yes. was the irs delaying their applications? yes, and finally, did the irs ask unnecessary and inappropriate questions of applicants. again, yes. >> it was inadvertent. just some odd underlings out of cincinnati that did this and there was no political motive whatever involved. the question is how stupid do they think we are? >> geraldo: stupid or crafty, the second scandal plaguing the administration is still the spin the state department put on benghazi. >> ongoing obsession with talking points and benghazi and the attempts to politicize that. constitute a side show driven interests.or largely by >> the fact that the state department was intimately involved in this and they were taking out factual information because they were worried about the political ramifications of that, i think that is a pretty importan
targeting conservative groups like the tea he party. you know it is bad when president obama says hey, why don't we talk about some gazi? >> having fun. >> geraldo: the next guest a ceo group targeted by the clinton era offed irs. karrie is a coordinator of the tea party patriots and what concerns her now is that sarah ingram who was in charge of tax exemptions during the time the tea party was targeted now as you have probably heard, ladies and gentlemen, heading up the irs office overseeing obamacare. ladies, welcome. why does ra sarah ingram's newb bother you so? >> the enforcement is going to come out of the irs. if the woman who was in charge while people were targeted for political ideologies and is now in charge of that portion of the irs, the obama care part of the irs how do we know that our sensitive health information is safe there? will it be exploited? will we be discriminated against again based on our health? these are life and death decisions, not just tax questions. >> geraldo: you are fearful she would breech the most basic confidences and use your health information for
the irs over its agents targeting tea party groups, president obama is likely to face questions about that today at a news conference. as abc's pierre thomas reports from washington he has tried to get ahead of the scandal announcing its first casualty. >> reporter: the president announced the acting irs commissioner was forced out. he vowed more changes are coming and irs officials could soon be fired. >> i reviewed the treasury department watchdog report, and the misconduct that it uncovered is inexcusable. it's inexcusable, and americans are right to be angry about it, and i am angry about it. i will not tolerate this kind of behavior in any agency but especially in the irs. >> reporter: the first irs casualty. >> today secretary lou took the first step by requesting and accepting the resignation of the acting commissioner of the irs. >> reporter: a growing number of conservatives were lining up to say they had been targeted too. conservative christian preacher franklin graham said the irs mon audited his charities after he stood up against gay marriage. in a letter to president ob
is going to resign. my question is, who is going to jail over this scandal? >> president obama promised new oversight and coordination with congress to investigate targeting of conservative groups. >> i've reviewed the treasury department watchdog's report and the misconduct that it uncovered is inexcusable. it's inexcusable and americans are right to be angry about it and i'm angry about it. >> the department of justice is looking into whether the irs violated any civil rights there. now to benghazi. newly released white house emails provided glimpse how the obama administration handled the talking points after the benghazi terror attacks. the 99 pages of emails between the white house, state department and cia detail the debate over what to disclose in the points. the ones u.n. ambassador susan rice used the following sunday on multiple morning news shows. an e-mail from then cia director david petraeus reveals some of his hesitations. petraeus writes quote, no mention of the cable to cairo either? frankly, i'd just as soon not use them. this concern after his deputy scratched out mention
obama expressed outrage at the two main issues bedelving him in recent days, claims the irs targeted tea party groups for extra scrutiny and the administration scrubbed the talking points on the benghazi consulate attack a politically damaging information. on the irs claim mr. obama was as unsympathetic as harshest critics. >> if you have got the irs operating in anything less than a neutral and nonpartisan way, then that is outrageous as independent agency the president says the irs has to have absolute integrity and people have to feel it applies to the law in a nonpartisan way. politically independence should shield the white house from criticism. some conservatives don't buy it? >> a inadvertent. just some odd underlings in cincinnati who did this and there was no political motive whatever involved. now, the get is how stupid do they think we? >> columnist george will noted one of the things richard nixon was itch peeched for was using the irs against his political enemies: meanwhile mr. obama's outrage over continuing questions of benghazi was aimed directly at political opponents.
needs to be prosecuted. >> this is run away government at its worse. who knows who they will target next. >> president obama scandal. >>> before it become as trend a police department acts. their game plan. >> back here in 10 minutes, the clouds are clearing. seeing sunshine but things are changing. what the big changes are for your friday and the bay area weekend as well. look at them kids. [ sigh ] they have no idea what it was like before u-verse high speed internet. yeah, you couldn't just stream movies to a device like that. one time, i had to wait half a day to watch a movie. you watched movies?! i was lucky if i could watch a show. show?! man, i was happy to see a sneezing panda clip! trevor, have you eaten today? you sound a little grumpy. [ laughter ] [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible. with u-verse high speed internet. so you can make easy, no-fee reloads with cash and checks... ♪ ♪ and know you're not on your own. so you can get the reloadable card that keeps up with you. chase liquid. so you can. m
to bluntly point out that the obama administration is not transparent and covering up scandals and lying to the american people. and now with the white house caught in the middle of three separate scandals, benghazi, and irs targeting of conservative groups and the justice department illegal probe in the journal phone records, the rest of the media is starting to catch up including the pundits who praised the president. >> he's accountable for it and i am offended by. it it is not a political or conservative or liberal. it is trusting your government. >> the transparency thing is crumbling. >> the president held a press government and he did well. he had been listening to their conversation. >> and lot of american a dults the last time the government looked in phone calls of the reporters and using the irs for political purposes twas the nixon era. when the government wants to do good things, managerial confidence falls between david brent and a cat chasing a hasser pointer. but when government wants to flex muscles, (bleep) you are the iron man. >> this is not the nixon administration w
the official that first disclosed the agency's targets. >> kelly: thank you elizabeth. >> jamie: what is the next step for the white house? we learned that senior officials at obama administration's treasury department actually knew about the irs targeting as early as june 2012. think back. that was during the last presidential election campaign. bob cusack good morning. i'm good but bob bob bob what we have yet another scandal adding to benghazi and all. you said heads should roll. you want to name names? >> that is what steven miller wasn't that underage names. they planted this question to get this out instead of informing congress. we've had two heads roll steven miller being one of them. that is what the white house needs to do. they need to shakeup the irs and take control of the situation. can you imagine if this had come out right before the election. possibly could have really done the whole thing. >> jamie: i think about what if it hadn't come out even now? this practice could continue? >> that's right. >> jamie: how far does the chain of command does it go up? >> it could j
tonight. >>> the president also joined a chorus of lawmakers denouncing the irs for targeting conservative political groups. mr. obama called the profiling outrageous. he told reporters that he didn't know until last friday that the irs targeted tea party groups for two years at the agency's center in cincinnati. the irs admits the agents focused on groups with tea party in their name. >> if you've got the irs operating in anything less than a neutral and nonpartisan way, then that is outrageous, it is contrary to our traditions and people have to be held accountable and it's got to be fixed. >> all right, well, you heard there the president coming out with that critiqontribut critiq but its unclear why the irs would even take this approach. >> here's sam brock with the story. >> a lot of peop >> -- the president came out yesterday condemning -- no one thinks this is a good idea. the reality check is what exactly can you learn from the name of a social welfare group which is what they were trying to do, allegedly. according to the irs 2012 data, there's about 93,000 of these social network
information about that mission has gotten out to the press. the obama administration hasn't targeted any leakers for that. they seem to target leakers when there are unsanctioned leaks things the government did not want out there or wouldn't be happier out there. this is one instance where the government did not want the a.p. to publish this information and the a.p. suggested that they only did so because the plot was over and the government was going to announce it publicly, anyway. so they made a decision that they didn't feel there was still any threat to national security and that they already held off for a few days. but it is something the government didn't want out there at that time. >> bill: the president of "the associated press" yesterday gary prewitt called the seizure of the phone records an unprecedented intrusion. it seems to me that into the field of journalism, i guess the work of "the associated press," it seems to me that it certainly is and particularly since the effort to thwart this plot right in yemen that effort was successful. "the associated press" was merely re
that the irs was targeting conservative groups? it's kind of an important question. did anybody know at the white house that the irs was targeting conserve conservative groups? we need an answer, the way president obama is answering is raising new questions. >>> devastation in reports of northern texas. deadly tornadoes destroyed homes and right now there are big fears that people may still be trapped under tons of debris. we have live breaking news coverage. coming up next on "studio b." >>> breaking today, another controversy for the obama administration. this one concerning national security. the justice department's office of the inspector general released a report, and that report indicates that the witness security program was unable to locate a number of known or suspected terrorist. the spin spector general's office is responsible for keeping tab on thity department but now the justice department is pushing back, claim nothing one is missing. no threat to the public at all. at this point, the details are quite sketchy. either way this news comes in the midst of a bad week for
is putting the agency and leadership on the hot seat. the official who once led that unit targeting conservative groups has another job and one that could impact every american. she is in charge with handling the irs's implementation of obama care. >> democrats said there is no evidence that sarah ingram knew groups were targeted by the irs. but conservative groups said show was the head of the part of the agency and now sounding the alarm. this is how ingram's sal row increased and the bonuses she received when show took over the tax exemption business in two where are 09. they are questioning now why she will make decisions about obama care. >> if we learned anything this week theires needs less power and not more. it turns out the irs official that oversaw the part is now in charge of obama care office. you kent make this stuff up. >> democrats said joseph graham didn't find out until six months after ingram was a signed to the different division. >> you are satisfied with miss ingram in charge of the irs responsibilities? >> i heard show has a high degree of professionalism and
. >>> questions persist over the irs targeting a tea party group. >>> and president obama will be all business with the british prime minister. joining me is lynn sweet, the washington bureau chief for "the chicago sun-times." good morning. >> good morning. >> the admissions the irs was targeting tea party and patriot groups as far back as 2010. are you surprised and will anyone be held accountable? >> yes, surprised. the story they say in our business has legs and, sure, somebody will be -- already has started and lots of demands in congress to find out as much as they can. >> calling for wide-ranging demands. let me switch gears. later this morning president obama will meet with his british counterpart. prime minister david cameron and has an op-ed in the "wall street journal." >> one of the things that will happen is the obama administration will try to accommodate the united kingdom. cameron and the relationship is always been close and obama will be going over to northern ireland next june for the g-8 summit where he'll be hosted by cameron, so, yes, he will try to accommodate them. >> ho
a weak response to political targeting at the irs, mr. obama seized the moment to get tough. >> today secretary lu took the first step by requesting and accepting the resignation of the acting commissioner of the irs because given the controversy surrounding this audit, it's important to institute new leadership. >> at a hearing on the widening scandal, eric holder vowed to follow the facts wherever they lead. >> anybody who has broken the law will be held accountable. >> john boehner has the punishment in mind. >> my question isn't about who's going to resign. my question is, who's going to jail over this scandal. >> republicans are furious over an inspector general's report that found the irs inappropriately targeted conservative groups applying for tax exempt stat justice. roughly one-third of the organization's targeted by the irs had the words tea party, patriot or 912 in their names. but as it turns out, liberal groups also received extra scrutiny. austin-based progress texas tells cnn it received an irs questionnaire similar to those sent to tea party groups. that's not likely
commissioner resigned following an investigation that found the irs improperly targeted tea party groups. president obama has been under pressure to act since the scandal came to light. he called the conduct inexcusable and said he's angry about it. the president plans to answer more questions at a news conference tomorrow. >>> new at 11:00, more fallout, san francisco pride has reportedly fired a staffer in the midst of that bradley manning controversy. manning is a gay soldier facing treason charges for releasing thousands of controversial military documents to wikileaks. he had been elected as community grand marshall for the pride parade. hours later, the board denied that vote saying no such decision had ever been made. >> disgraced football star o.j. simpson was back in the spotlight. he's trying to get a new trial claiming his attorney gave him bad advice during his 2008 trial for armed robbery and kidnapping. >> he gave me an example, that if you were walking down the street, and you saw your laptop with your name on it in a car, you can use force to break the window of the car t
that coming up. >>> president obama is answering more questions about the targeting of conservative groups for extra tax scrutiny. >> it is just simply unacceptable in addition to making sure that we have a new acting director there. we're also going to make sure we gather up the facts and hold accountable and responsible anybody who was involved in this. >> yesterday, the administration fired the acting commissioner of the irs. the president is expected to name a replacement by the end of the week. >>> cbs news has learned the younger boston bombing suspect allegedly left a note. sources say dzhokhar tsarnaev wrote on the interior boat while hiding from authorities allegedly saying the bombing attack was retaliation for the u.s. wars in afghanistan and iraq. tsarnaev calls his brother a martyr and the victims collateral damage. more than 5,000 runners who weren't able to finish the boston marathon have all been invited back next year to do so. >>> same-sex couples are getting involved in the immigration debate. many say any new reforms should include gay couples. kpix 5 reporter cate caug
scandal that targeted tea party groups, president obama said he had no idea it was happening. >> the minute i found out about it, my main focus is to make sure that we get the thing fixed. >> later on, president obama appointed danny to run the irs while the acting commissioner of the irs was forced out. >>> a possible change in the military. lawmakers from both sides of the aisle assembled on capitol hill to renew a new bill that would prevent commanders from handling sex assault cases that involve their subordinates. also, any offense that could result in more than a year in prison would be funneled to independent military prosecutors. also, guilty verdicts could no longer be wiped out by military commanders. this bill comes after a growing number of sex assaults in the military. >>> well, this seems like a great idea but will it be allowed? a bay area solution to revive the grounded blue angels. >> a tech startup has an ambitious way to salvage the fleet week show. scott budman says this is the modern way to raise money. >> janelle, because of the sequester, the blue angel
progressive in their name or organizing in their name were targeted. we also have the barack h. obama foundation which was fast tracked and actually got their tax exempt status in three we can. conservative groups had to wait a long period of time. the democrats can really try to spin this this way, but i don't think it's going to wash because you have all of these facts coming out proving otherwise. jon: even "usa today," which generally has been pretty friendly to this administration. they said in an investigative piece that the democratic or left-leaning organizations sort of had the wheels greased, the skids greased. >> that they actually got a pass. they didn't go through the normal order, they got fast tracked or a pass. i think on a broader yes, jon the republicans are handling this in the smartest way possible, which is not to turn it into a partisan thing, despite the evidence what we're seeing, that what the i.r.s. was doing is perhaps a completely democratic partisan operation, the republicans are saying wait a minute, let's do this in a slow, deliberate and methodical way.
to the journal editorial report. i'm paul gigot. that was president obama reacting to just one of the controversies swirling around his administration, news that the internal revenue service targeted conservative groups in an election season. it's part san behavior asking the agency and reinforce many people's fears about government running amok. joining us is dan henninger, kim strasel and colin levy. what were they looking for in these groups? >> they were looking for basically anything they could get from these groups. they wanted donor information. they wanted information about member just about everything but the kitchen sink. it was extensive of the 170 groups that were targeted, treasury report found 58% of those had no reason for that to be happening. about a third of them had no political activity whatsoever that should have been acknowledged. >> and the reason is apply tax exempt status and their requests were delayed for many months? >> that is key point here. even under any benign understanding under which they were trying to look at these groups, nothing explains w
. a combhat tive obama said the irs was playing politics targeting nonprofit groups the tea party patriots or self identified educational groups promoting the constitution. >> it is contrary to our traditions and people have to be held accountable and it's got to be fixed. >> the irs admitted to the effort but attempted to blame it on low level employees in the agency the lawyers for tea party groups for evidence say they were targeted by officials since washington supporting the decisions of many tea party leaders. >> a couple of low level employees out of cincinnati, ohio who have this much influence. literally it was coast to coast. >> the agency is already in plenty of hot water for initially denying to congress that con sefb ti-- conservative ever faced this scrutiny. >> the irs have not targeted specific groups. >> we pride ourselves on being a nonpolitical nonpartisan organization. there is absolutely no targeting. this is the kind of back and forth that happens when they apply for 501 c 4 status. >> that was march of last year. the house weighs and means meets on this on friday to
, that you say has been targeted by president obama and this business we have seen with the irs going after conservatives does not come as a huge surprise to you. tell us, sir. >> well, it's very, very disturbing. as you pointed out i wrote that piece in february of last year. so this is 16 months ago. we were concerned with an orchestrated campaign starting at the very top of the white house to attack and disparage the koch family and their enterprises. they employ 50,000 people in america. they have given millions of dollars to fights against cancer and other philanthropic entities. and they -- they're conscientious citizens. they believe in citizen participation in government. they have spent a lot of money contributing to organizations that support free enterprise and limited government. now, it's very disturbing that the auditor report that just came out two days ago showed that the irs was targeting organizations that were concerned about limited government, the debt and criticizing the size of government. it was not just conservatives, it's anybody who was someone that was questionin
targeting scandal. my next guest says that the answer could be fatal for the obama presidency. joining me he to help explain, syndicated columnist and fox news contributor charles krauthammer. why fatal? >> the irs scandal is the one scandal that people have a visceral sense about. it is the one institution beside the military that can do you the most harm. it can wreck your life and thousand it has to be treat heed with utmost respect because they have to show integrity. and the fact that it could be deliberately targeting people on the right is a violation that everybody left to right understands is utterly inexcusable. it is the one that has the most' peel. there is no indication that the president knew about this about you you if there is any indication that there were people in the white house who knew, who orchestrated, encouraged or are whatever then it can be a fatal problem. i'm not saying this is watergate but i would point out that the second article of impeachment in watergate was abuse of the irs. benghazi is a complicated story. the one about ap, people are going to argue you n
a close eye on it updates on all of our top stories including president obama's reaction to reports that the irs targeted conservative groups for review before the 2012 election. that's next as fox reports live tonight. command is locked. five seconds. three, two, one. es [ female announcer ] at jcpenney, we never stop being amazed by you. how you work so hard without looking like you do. how you make every dollar stretch so far and keep your family so close. so we brought back the things you liked about jcpenney. gave you new things to explore. and now, we're happy to say, you've come back to us. ♪ we're speechless. except for two little words. ♪ we're not in london, are we? no. why? apparently my debit card is. what? i know. don't worry, we have cancelled your old card. great. thank you. in addition to us monitoring your accounts for unusual activity, you could also set up free account alerts. okay. [ female announcer ] at wells fargo we're working around the clock to help protect your money and financial information. here's your temporary card. welcome back. how was london? [
's not at all. larry conners claims the internal revenue service unfairly targeting him because of an interview he did with obama last year. he wrote on his facebook beige, quote, shortly after i did my april 2012 interview with president obama, my wife, friends, some viewers, suggested i might to watch out for the irs. i don't accept conspiracy there's but i do know almost immediately after the interview the irs started hammering me. here's a clip of mr. conners' interview with the president. >> some viewers are frustrated, even angered, when they see the first family jetting around, certain vacations and so forth, maybe under color of state business, that you're out of touch, that you don't know what they're experiencing right now. >> i don't -- i don't know how many viewers you're talking about that say that. >> sean: joining me with reaction, author michelle malkin is with us," culture of corruption." i've been telling you, part two, it's time. let me ask you this question, because it's interesting that the lapdog media of obama, the thrill up your leg media, has finally started asking ques
is talking about this morning, the unfoaling irs targeting scandal. president obama announcing the agency's commissioner, acting commissioner, is out. >> the misconduct that uncovered is inexcusable. it's inexcusable and americans are right to be angry about it and i am angry about it. i will not tolerate this kind of behavior in any agency, but especially by the irs, given the power that it has and the reach that it has in all of our lives. as i said earlier, it should not matter what political stripe you're from, the fact of the matter is that the irs has to operate with absolute integrity. >> let's talk more about this with our chief washington correspondent john harwood and chief economic correspondent -- >> i'm not an economist per se. i'm a correspondent. >> neither are any of them. >> economist if joe says you're an economist. >> dude, you're a reporter. >> chief economic reporter. >> okay. >> that will be like saying harwood is the chief politician. >> wow. >> not much of a stretch. man behind morning -- how are you doing, john? this guy was only there for four months. what did he
created those guidelines to target conservatives. >>> what's expected when president obama holds a press conference in just two hours when i see you next. ktvu channel 2 news. >> and we will stream the president's news conference on our web site and on our mobile app. you can visit our web site for the latest developments on the irs scandal throughout the day. >> the push by facebook to expand the number of visas for foreign workers may stall an immigration reform bill. the senate judiciary committee may started to. ads from a lobbying group could threaten the bipartisan deal on immigration. those ads angered many democrats and environmentalists. it praised republican law makers who support the key stone pipeline. >>> the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff is responding to the army sex scandal at fort hood texas. a soldier in charge of preventing sexual assault is accused of forcing one subordinate into prostitution and sexually assaulting two others. joint chief's chairman says this sex scandal and others may be connected to the strings of war. he's also concerned this growi
president obama are the targets of this investigation. nonetheless as we indicated, it has been said they do want hillary clinton to return for further testimony. at least system republicans want that to happen. we did hear from issa, alex, saying he will send out deposition requests for the heads of that accountable review board. they're the ones behind the investigation that found -- really didn't focus on the talking points, but did find a series of issues that were wrong, and ultimately they say, the white house insists with the corrections, with the completion of that report, they have made in putting those things into place an acknowledgement there was no political activity to try to cover anything you will. >> i'm curious, from your vantage point, despite what people are saying, your just sense on how politically charged this is, versus just trying to get answers. or can you not keep the two from being inextricably intertwined? >> reporter: i think that's a good question. i think obviously this has become a political issue to some degree. the issue of security and how that should be h
targeted i'll ask what it all means for the white house. >>> how many battles can the obama administration fight at one time? the seizure of reporters' phone records, cover-up allegations over benghazi and the irs allegedly targeting tea party groups. the president sounded defiant and angry and promised answers. joining me now is maryland democrat, elijah cummings, ranking member of the house committee on oversight and government reform. welcome to you, congressman. let me ask you straight away, are you as appalled by this story as i am? >> yeah, it is very upsetting, but i think, piers, we're going to have to see what more there is to this story. i just read it a few minutes ago. i think we're going to have to look into it. but it does concern me, as it should concern all of us. >> i mean, 20 phone lines, maybe 100 journalists, over a two-month period, every call they made, logged and recorded. that is just outrageous. >> again, i want to see exactly, you know, a little bit more information. but i can tell you as a lawyer, it concerns me and it should concern all of us here on capitol hil
growing scandals rocking the obama administration. benghazi, the irs targeting conservatives and other groups, and now the justice department's seizure of phone records from the "associated press." so much going on, and while we still don't know all of the facts, what could the ultimate political fallout be for the white house? joe trippi is former campaign manager for howard dean, also a fox news contributor. so if you were advising this white house, joe, what would you tell them to do? >> jon, look they can't be happy that they are talking about -- that this is what they are spending all their time talking about this week. particularly the irs, and this new ap report, where they are getting, you know, bi-partisan support for looking into them. although, frankly, with the irs it's not clear to me at all that they could -- it really is an independent agency with only two political appointees from the obama administration in it, so i think we need to wait and see where these two -- where those two investigations go, because it's far too early with the internal revenue service and the ap
: less than two weeks president obama told graduates they shouldn't listen to those warning of abuse have power? >> tyranny is lurking around the corner. >> reporter: they do investigative journalism revealed monday the same irs office that deliberately targeted organizations before the 2012 election release nine pending confidential applications of the groups. applications that haven't been approved are not supposed to be made public. >> inspector general report just out this evening blames the irs for ineffective management for allowing inappropriate criteria to be developed and same place for more than 18 months the inspector general makes nine specific recommendations and irs says they will accept seven of them. >> bret: a little more than 24 hours in the government's seizure a.p.'s phone records. it did little to dampen the outrage. here is katherine heritage. >> the attorney general says the extraordinary seizure of associated press phone records is justified? >> this is among if not the most serious, it's the top two or three most serious leaks that i've ever seen. >> reporter: at
about possible overreach and political targeting. president obama blasting the agency for singling out conservative groups, and he says it's intolerable and inexcusable. he promises to hold those responsible accountable for their actions. today the attorney general will get grilled about these claims. let's get the latest from cnn's brianna keilar. >> reporter: the internal revenue service is facing a criminal investigation after a watchdog report found the agency targeted conservative groups starting in 2010. the agency's inspector general found the irs used inappropriate criteria that identified for review tea party and other organizations applying for tax exempt status, based upon their names or policy positions, instead of indications of potential political campaign intervention. after reading the report tuesday night, president obama called the plan intolerable and inexcusable after promising action monday. >> people have to be held accountable, and it's got to be fixed. >> reporter: irs investigators said they acted on their own without help from outside groups. managers were ine
obama is not a target. but you've got to wonder why they haven't talked to people like, for instance, national security advisor tom donelon. he is running the ship at the white house. why haven't we heard from him? >>brian: we heard from him when bin laden was killed. >>steve: keep in mind this guy is a former political advisor. he worked at fannie and freddie. in bob woodward's books obama's wars, the secretary of defense at the time said donilon would be a disaster as national security advisor. >>brian: that guy was told to leave. >>steve: i was saying if don i lon was said to be a disaster, and there he is, you've got to wonder if his finger prints are all over this. >>gretchen: did you see the press conference where jay carney had to ask pointed questions for the first time with regard to benghazi, whether or not the white house had any involvement with that, specifically, regarding those talking points? abc had done a report that came out earlier in the morning that said those talking points had been edited as much as 12 times. so is the mainstream media now going to be continui
. was the agency targeting president obama's political opponents? and why did the justice department secretly seize months of journalists' phone records? >>> o.j. simpson back in court in surprising condition after four years in prison. asking for a new trial in the bungled vegas robbery. his true hail mary to get out of jail right now. >>> and -- ♪ it started with a whisper." >> the cast of "scandal" here live, spilling secrets on the juiciest show in prime time. taking over times square. >> "good morning america" is just so scandalous. >> are you ready, gladiators? "good morning america" starts right now. ♪ always gotta backtrack >>> and good morning, america. what a stunning headline overnight. angelina jolie reveals that she had a double mastectomy by choice to prevent the cancer that killed her mom. it involved three months of surgical procedures starting in february, ending in april. >> she wrote such a moving op-ed in "the new york times." it's a huge story about one of the most photographed and followed women in the world. and understandably, she kept it all a total secret until she was
and democrats? >> brian: even by president obama. >> gretchen: to find out billy graham may have been targeted? i think people are going to say, are you kidding me? >> brian: i'm also fascinated to see lois learner knew about this in 2011 and said she basically ignored it. then they decided to broaden it out to all types of tea party groups. she never came forward. today in an op ed in the usa today which i mentioned an hour earlier is free in hotels, this guy steven miller goes, oh, yeah. we did make mistakes, but the mistakes were made. but in no way any political or partisan motivation. they just happen to only target one side. maybe they should have picked other sides. here is the worst part action is the damage have been done because you apply for 501 c 3 status, and the 90 days which took place prior, it took years and you had to apply 88 questions and you had to answer questions like who are your donor, which you don't have to supply. >> gretchen: that information, that private information of the application was given to left leaning groups, which is a criminal activity. >> brian: why w
on tonight's show? >> did president obama personally direct the irs to target the tea party and other conservative groups? probably not. we will investigate if she should be impeached anyway. and the latest on the justice department seizing phone records and why it could mean impeachment for president obama. and pen gillette talks about being a finalist on "seb bra tee apprentice --" celebrity apprentice". >> your work is unimpeachable. >> go away. >> let's welcome our guest. she is so sharp that scissors call her for advice. i am here with kennedy special correspondent stossel as well as fox contributor. and if thoughtful commentary was a refund i would blow him in a casino. it is tom shillue. what is that? his latest cd is called "halfway there" and bill schulz looking weird as ever. and he can drowned you in a thimble of spit. mike baker, former cia operative and current president of diligence. diligence makers of diligence wine glassersers and pencils and ice cream. diligence, your skull is our paperweight. >> has the new logo on our letter head. >> a block. the lede. tha
the headlines from the "associated press," the same ap targeted by the administration. obama acts but republicans aren't satisfied. there we go. huckabee -- we spare no expense on this show. governor? what do you make of that? >> the graphic was great, neil. really first class. george lucas will be calling you for advice. the main stream media has been spooked by the fact that obama is getting hammered. they say well-got to protect him a little better, but the shield on him like the marine put the umbrella on him at the press conference in the rose garden. it's not going to matter because i believe the american people are so outraged over the irs scandal, it does spill over into the others, and you can't make that go away. you just can't. >> neil: do you think republicans risk overplaying it? it's one thing to make charges without the facts, but you do need the facts before you can make the charges, right? >> got to be very careful and republicans could overplay their hand. >> neil: they've grabbed defeat from the jaws of victory. what should they do? on the i irs scandal? >> stic
the irs scandal targeting the tea party for increased scrutiny. both holder and president obama called those actions outrageous >>> a bold new plan involving drunk driving. the feds want to lower the legal alcohol limit to .05. this morning they made the recommendation it means the average person would be legally considered drunk aftersb[ñ two drinks in a two-hour period. each year nearly 10,000 americans die in alcohol related accidents. they believe a thousand lives could be saved by lowering the blood alcohol content. right now this is just a recommendation. do you think lowering the bac to the .05 will reduce drunk driving accidents? 408-300-9222 text is for yes, text two for know or you can tweet us at nbc bay area. >>> it's that time of year again. gardeners getting their hands dirty planting for the upcoming growing season. >> one garden in particular is getting more than its share of attention. not for its size or variety but for its location and just who is taking notice. garvin thomas has the details in bay area's proud. >> raj, the family history played a role in the job th
for president obama to nail the target up and, then say, well, if people shoot at the target, now i'm going to go after them, i think what he said yesterday. he will hold them accountable. i don't think it's fair. sure, i hope he does go after them. >> do you think he will? >> we'll see. we'll see. but it's unfair. maybe they're doing, he has to expect they're going to do something when he puts the list up there. so my point is he made the list. he put the target up there. he knew something was going to happen. i don't think he knew exactly what but sure enough it happened. jenna: neil will surely have more of the conversation and on this topic on his show at 4:00 p.m. you heard van der sloot he is hopeful. he became the focus of two irs audits and a labor department audit of one of his businesses. he had to spend $08,000 to defend himself which is another side of the story. we'll continue to follow this. this is certainly one of big stories of many stories today. jon: lots to cover. we're awaiting new testimony from attorney general eric holder over the justice department's decision to sei
who oversaw the irs targeting of tea party groups now runs the obamacare office. >>> president obama gets serious about putting an end to sexual assaults in the military. >>> shocking testimony during the penalty phase of the jodi arias case stuns jurors. >>> plus controversial advice on adultery from pat robertson. >>> a murder convict shine the blink of an eye. >>> and a medical survey you want to hear about before diving into that swimming pool. "early today" starts right now. >> announcer: this is "early today" for friday, may 17th. >>> very good day to you. i'm richard lui. the forecast today from washington is partly cloudy but when it comes to the political climate is white house is learning when it rains it pours. president obama came out swinging thursday while republicans hammer away at a trifecta of controversies. nbc's danielle leigh is in washington. good morning. >> reporter: richard, good morning. first up today, lawmakers are sure to express their outrage with steven miller, the former tax commissioner forced to resign, now on capitol hill today. in just a couple hour
: five days after the news broke that the irs the internal revenue service had purposefully targeted for special scrutiny conservative groups like the tea party. president obama announced the resignation of the led of the agency. steven miller, a 25 year veteran of the irs, and its acting commissioner for the past six months, will step down next month. earlier in the week attorney general eric holder announced a criminal investigation to determine where the laws were broken and so targeting the conservative group. the irs admits to the criminal targeting. three years after the complaints began, and probably only because the department of the treasury ordered by congress had investigated the matter and was on the verge of finally making public its findings. now congress is back in the act, big time. multiple hearings are now on the docket. the first was friday before the house ways and means committee, where the first to fall, acting commissioner steven miller was in the hot seat. >> first and foremost as acting commissioner i want to apologize on behalf of the internal revenue servic
tonight in washington. where president obama finds himself in a veritable slum of scandals where with the irs targeting political o points. the the state department manipulating point, the post office sending pornography to people's homes addressed to somebody who didn't even order it. why would i order pornography, i means that's-- the last one is probably not an administration scandal, i just find it frustrating. all right. the president was fortunate yesterday that when he appeared before the press, he was kpd by british prime minister cameron. and a question limit of one. total from the entire american press corp. give it your best shot, guys. >> when did you first learn that the irs was targeting conservative political groups? do you feel that the irs betrayed the public a trust and what do you think the repercussions for these actions should be? >> jon: technically that was three questions. but obviously one general mill like toothpaste that includes fluoride and whitener, comes out of the same tube but provides triple protection. aquafresh. it's like brushing your teeth wi
they targeted specific people. there are no signs they targeted groups from the other side. >> absolutely. it may or may not below level people that did this. it could be president obama. there were agents from coast to coast i believe that's what they said. it was not like it was one part of the country or one office that was doing this. >> wasn't it just the cinncinati office? >> i don't think so. >> i i thought it was just the cinncinati office. >> you are not going to get audited. you have to make over $20,000 a year. >> i'm sure whatever they did they meant well. >> they are good people. >> mistakes were made. they apologized. move on, people. michelle, you said how do you punish these people? they already work for the irs. i guess you don't fire them? >> exactly. >> joel, you said you are glad president obama was outraged, but noticed that it took three days to be outraged. i love he said he found out about this from the media. >> sis senior officials -- his senior officials found out about it last year. >> in 2012, yes. there is communication break down going on here. >> president
on whether president obama has been worse than president nixon and they're targeting of the press for published leaked information. joining us here in new york is james goodale, the council, was the counsel for the new york times in the pentagon papers case, a leading legal expert on the first amendment and has just published a new book called, "fighting for the press: why the pentagon papers case still matters." we welcome you to democracy now! >> thank you very much for having me. >> you say president obama is worse than president nixon. >> more precisely, i say that if in fact he goes ahead and prosecutes julian assange, he will pass nixon. he is close to nixon now. the ap example is a good example of something that obama has done, what nixon never did. so i have him presently in second place behind nixon and ahead of bush ii. he is moving up fast. if he goes ahead on assange, he will at least be even. >> i want to go back to the pentagon papers. we have a clip from a documentary that was made about daniel ellsberg. the documentary is called "daniel ellsberg: the most dangerous
nixon's targeting of the press. this time the question was posed directly to president obama. >> i want ask about the justice department. do you believe the seizure of phone records from the associated press journalists thatweek was an overreach, you still have full confidence in your attorney general? should we interpret yesterday's renewed interest by the white house in the media shield law as a response to that? more broadly, how do you feel about comparisons by some of your critics of this week's scandal to those that happened under the nixon administration? >> i will let you engage in those comparisons. you can go ahead and read the history, think, and draw your own conclusions. my concern is making sure if there is a problem in the government, that we fix it. that is my responsibility. that is what we're going to do. >> for more return to a gas to as a rather informed opinion on whether president obama has been worse than president nixon and they're targeting of the press for published leaked information. joining us here in new york is james goodale, the council, was the counsel f
'll find there won't be a single person supporting obama; i bet, who was targeted. >> also said in this tweet the g.o.p. is going to fundraise like crazy off of this. >> neil: left or right you're making a bad move. you worked for richmond nixon and he famously went after enemies. >> i was the youngest person on the list. >> neil: you should have been on the top. do you remember, monica, there was any difference here? i know, isn't this the equivalent of an enemy's list of conservative -- whether it's for the president himself -- how how is this any different. >> i worked for president nixon during the last year of his life. >> neil: cover up all you want. >> article 2 in the articles of impeachment drawn up against president nixon was the misuse of the internal revenue service directed against -- >> neil: but a lot of presidentes have done it. >> nixon learned it from lbj. lyndon johnson had the irs all over richard nixon. >> neil: how -- >> that it not posed to do it. neil: how do you do it? how you convey that intention without making it sound criminal. >> it's the culture. r
, to the other controversy in washington. the irs and its targeting of conservative nonprofit groups. monday, president obama echoed outrage from congressional republicans, calling the agency's actions an abuse of power. and now, house lawmakers have scheduled hears over the issue for later this week. tracie potts joins us live from washington with more. >> reporter: good morning. timing is critical here. this happened leading up to the 2012 election, which is why some of the groups insist it was politically-motivated. a draft report from the inspector general for tax administration says low-level irs employees in cincinnati singled out some 300 conservative groups, identifying themselves as patriots or tea party. >> politically motivated. plain and simple. >> this is not republican. it's not democrat. it's wrong to do. >> reporter: the president agreed. >> i've got no patience with it. i will not tolerate it. and we'll make sure that we find out exactly what happened on this. >> i don't frankly trust the administration to do its own investigation. to have legitimacy, congress needs to condu
review process but never mentioned tea party groups had been targeted. miller will face lawmakers at a hearing review on friday. president obama said monday political bias at the irs will not be tolerated. >> we'll make sure that we find out exactly what happened on this. >> reporter: but republicans are not convinced. >> how dare the administration imply they will get to the bottom of it. this was the targeting of the president's political enemies effectively. and lies about it during the election year. >> reporter: a full report from the inspector general on what happened at the irs is expected this week. danielle nottingham cbs news capitol hill. >>> not a bad day out there today weather wise. and a warmup in store. >> yeah it was beautiful. lawrence is at the mobile weather lab. they are live in novato with students. >> yeah, guys. we've got sunshine outside right now. and it is warm. we have our mobile weather lab out here. we've been talking weather all morning long. i wanted to introduce you to our young weather lady of the day. what is your name? >> ma keta. >> what can yo
for these tax forms. but to the broader discussion of the obama administration may be doing things that are politically motivated. targeting groups that are politically motivated. i don't think that that's farfetched. one thing i draw parallel to is the occupy moment, and obama members went to open group and demanded twitter and over private information of their twitter users involved in the open movement. i don't know whether or not the irs is going to do something politically movement: that's why i'm hoping there is a thorough investigation to figure out whether or not this is the case, but bringing attention to this story is definitely justified. >> with the way he's speaking about it. this is an outrageous things. they came out and said we're going get deep into this. the president obama--the problem is you can't guarantee it. marco rubio was asking for the resignation of the commissioner already. to make it a link to president to say no matter what you guys say this is what is going to happen. >> it's a big rallying point for discussion from the right but there is more and mo
both democrats and republicans over the question of why the irs apparently targeted president obama's political enemies over the period of almost two years. >> yeah, this is outgoing irs commissioner stephan miller. and, as tucker mentioned, democrats wanting answers, too. although they were hoping it wouldn't turn into some sort of political theater. i don't know that they got their wish. certainly the answers were not forthcoming. that is what angered many people yesterday during this testimony. take a listen. >> we were repeatedly told no such targeting was happening. that isn't being mislead. that is lying. >> this is very chilling for the american people. now i know you are resigning and you are walking away from it, but this is not going to go away. this is a pandora's box that has been opened. i don't think you can get the lid back on it. >> do you believe it is illegal for employees of the irs to create lists, to target individual groups and citizens in this country. >> i think the inspector general indicated it might not be others will be able to tell that. >> what do you b
up, i am dennis kneale. cheryl: i am cheryl casone. will your business be targeted next? the obama administration tries to dig itself out. we will have an all-star panel coming out for you. dennis: it is tuesday. the best day of the week, at least for markets. we have a guess that says whichever way today goes -- cheryl: the dow up 84 points. bloomberg editor under fire. the company is trying to dig out after it's journalist snooped on its own client. we have elizabeth macdonald investigating that story for us. we have stocks now and every 15 minutes. nicole petallides. another job for the market. nicole: that is right. we are seeing these new record highs. it goes right in mind what we have been seeing this 2013. the dow traded as high as 15,181. obviously, you are seeing that we are holding the games. the s&p and nasdaq setting some new record highs. the dow components are looking good. you have a lot of winners on wall street. certainly, a bunch of different groups doing very well. cheryl: thank you very much. we will see you and 14 minutes. the associated press calling the just
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. connell: good morning, everybody. i am connell mcshane. dagen: we learn more about the targeting of conservative groups. pressure mounting on the white house to act. connell: bernanke showing us the exit. new details on the feds plan to stop pumping money into the economy. dagen: president obama hosting britain's prime minister. we will take you there live. connell: k.t. mcfarland is just back from china where she retraced the steps of president nixon's visits. that is just ahead on markets now. ♪ connell: we will be all over this irs story. connell: we cannot forget that she is the tax reporter for years. nicole petallides at the new york stock exchange. nicole: we of gains. we have retail sales numbers that are better than expected. you are seeing a little bit of a pullback. the dow jones industrials down about 36 points right now. the tech heavy nasdaq is virtually flat right now. when you look at the dow jones industrial component, and intel and alcoa are the top. toyota motor, netflix, tesla are doing the best. some of these names are up over 100% this year. back to you. d
of targeting was going on. perhaps knew about it for sometime i think necessitates president obama saying something about this fairly quickly. >> it's astounding to many americans that the irs has the time even, and the manpower, to go through all the taxpayers and organizations that have the word patriots, tea party, and we were talking about the 912 project as well. what authority does the president have, do you think, to address this and what should he say? once it's done, it's done. we clearly hope it won't happen again? >> i think that the white house does have to take some real action here. congress certainly will. there's no doubt going to be hearings and investigations on this. the larger implication of this is the fact that the irs scandal, what's happening with benghazi, this is overshadowing what the obama administration is trying to accomplish in congress, trying to move forward on some major issues where perhaps we thought there would be some bipartisan compromise. i think particularly on the irs there has got to be some answer got to move the obama forward with health care
to many ask jacki questions. in the meantime jacki schechner in the current news center. >> the obama administration making news today. first the associated press revealing that it is the target of a just disdepartment investigation saying the government has collected work and phone records of several associated press bureaus. here is senior vice president kathleen carol. >> they have told us what they are looking for, nor have they explained why we got no prior notice, which our lawyers tell us is not only customary but required. >> it just has a list of who called whom when and for how long they spoke. gary pruitt is calling the secret subpoena on records of some 20 different lines massive and unpress dented intrusion. and then the irs disproportionately targeting groups that are tax exempt that have words with the name tea party or patriot in them or issue advocacy groups. harry reid and president obama say they have zero tolerance for this kind of targeted scrutiny based on political affiliation. >> where they are investigating conservative or liberal gro
chase. so you can. >>> tonight, breaking news on the irs targeting tea party groups. president obama issued a statement saying as treasury department reports findings on the scandal, it's intolerable and inexcusable, saying the irs must apply the law in a fair, impartial way and this report shows employees failed that test. jessica yellin is at the white house and dana bash on capitol hill. dana, this is a right old mess for the president, isn't it? >> reporter: that's certainly one way to put it. this is a pretty damning report, piers. we knew some of what was going on from congressional sources throughout the week, but the bottom line is that it says that irs agents simply targeted these groups because of words like tea party, like patriot, because of their political affiliation, and did so with excess scrutiny in a way that there's no way they should have done. asking them questions that they shouldn't have asked about their dono donors, about their contributors, about their membership. what made this so much worse is that the management of the irs simply let it happen, for 18 mon
of the new scandal where the i.r.s. is literally targeting people, president obama's administration allowing this, not one person has been fired, by the what, the obama administration made a decision to target americans based on their beliefs, based on their values, and that's the agency that will be tasked with enforcing obamacare. they had little credibility before this scandal emerged but in light of this, i think the lead senate architect, max baucus, who a few weeks ago after they wrote the bill they rammed it through, speaker pelosi said, you've got to pass the bill to find out what's in it, now max baucus, one of the author ofse the bill said, it's a train wreck coming down. he's not running for re-election next year. this should not be put in place for any type of government agency coming between patients and doctors. this is the massive bureaucracy that obamacare, this is why we have this vote tomorrow to repeal obamacare. it's a bill i'm proud to co-sponsor but i think the -- i thank the gentleman from pennsylvania for his leadership in the hearings we've had in the oversight subco
. that would mean obviously the obama administration was aware of the irs targeting conservative groups during the presidential campaign. sources, though, tell our jessica yellin at the white house says it wasn't notified. the gop is crying foul. >>> first on cnn, john king has just learned the gop-led investigations into benghazi will carry on into the summer and beyond. the five chairman of the five separate house committees compared notes at a meeting organized by john boehner and eric cantor. the leadership's message, keep demanding access to documents and witnesses and keep the conspiracy theory rhetoric to a minimum. one participant in the meeting said, the facts are on our side. we can take it slow, and take it calmly. >>> now, "outfront" upfront on the woman who had her hands, her feet and her left leg amputated. but amy, and you've met her on this show a few times, is just an incredible woman. she has new prosthetic hands now. she's using them to chop vessels, iron press her hair, pick up tiny items, like skitles. she's telling us she's looking forward to cleaning house because with h
jack lew admits that he learned irs was being investigated it had targeted conservative groups for extraout any raising new questions how deep the scandal reaches into the obama administration and in the white house. i'll gregg jarrett. welcome to america's news headquarters. >> arthel: the news about the comes as irs commissioner sara up gram that once headed up the office is now charged are in charge of overseeing obamacare. >> reporter: democrats say it was a group within the tax exempt division that sara ingraham had had eded that targeted conservative groups. that she was not involved. the republicans are dubious and say, sara ingraham certainly be headed up the much larger job of implementing obamacare. but she is. she is in charge of the new health insurance and new fines associated with obamacare. that worries some in the g.o.p. >> so she provided horrendous customer service under her watch and now she is going to do the same implementing obamacare -- swel l. this is perfect example why we need tax reform. >> reporter: at a hearing on the irs scandal yesterday, the outg
obama once again voiced anger about the irs targeting conservative groups, and he appointed a new acting head of the irs one day after pushing the acting commissioner to resign. >> we will be putting in new leadership that will be able to make sure that following up on the ig audit, that we gather up all the facts, that we hold accountable those who have taken these outrageous actions. as i said last night, it is simply unacceptable for there to even be a hint of partisanship or ideology when it comes to the application of our tax laws. >> certainly right on that. our chief political analyst gloria borger is here. the president seems to be and his aides in full damage control mode right now. but they still have a lot of work to do. >> they do have a lot of work to do. you saw the president out there talking about volunteering looking isht increasing embassy security, more funding for embassy security in regards to benghazi. look, this is a fight in washington right now, wolf, over who controls the agenda. you'd think the president of the united states would control the agenda. what we're
.r.s. call it a listing. others call it a targeting. and even president obama is furious how they handled this. host: we haven't gotten far enough away from the situation to where the historians are going to weigh in. but based on your reporting and what you've seen in history so far, does the obama administration seem to have as close a relationship with the ird i.r.s. as some of the other presidents? host: there's no evidence of it. in the post watergate phase, presidents have tried to stay away from the i.r.s.. every president since nixon has been accuse ds of using the i.r.s. but there's no evidence of that. most administration try to set up a firewall between it and the people who collect taxes because people who can collect taxes aren't very popular. >> host: next up, carol. caller: good morning. i would just like to make a comment. i think it's a lot that they are scrutinizing like two people, the i.g. and steven miller for this whole situation. and which i think we have a lot of things otherwise that in the economy to cover. it's too much coverage on this. they need to let those p
under close scrutiny their own leaders. obama on benghazi and the business of the american tax authorities targeting the conservative tea party. he said that would be bad if that happened. and cameron on europe. there is a lot going on at home about the relationship between the u.k. and the e.u. obama came to his defens right, that britain was stronger in he european union. he said if something is broken, to try and fix it. >> maybe that is why he went to the white house. when it came to foreign owe fares it was hard to see what news they were planning to make. on syria there didn't seem to be much new. >> i think cameron was in the united states for the meeting and the meeting with prince hairy and this was tagged on. on syria they really didn't say much. cameron sounded more enthusiastic about getting rid of assad and the russian peace talks, but they pretty much said the same thing, which is the u.k., the u.s. and russia all wanted a stable syria free of extremism. there really isn't any sign of them pushing in one direction, but there is no real sign of any change or progre
-back for targeting conservative groups. addressing the media earlier today , mister obama says the i-r-s's actions were quote "inexcusable." the president also says new safeguards will be used to prevent actions like this from happening again. >>first we're going to hold accountable. yesterday i directed secretary lew to follow up on the audit and find out who was responsible and to make sure that we understand all the facts. today secretary lew took the first step by requesting and accepting the resignation of the acting commissioner of irs. controversy surrounding this audit, it's important to institute new leadership that can help restore confidence going forward. >> pam: however, critics of the administration aren't satisfied. house speaker john boehner says laws were broken.and that those responsible should be sent to jail. >> pam: has ordered an investigation into the matter. r more disturbing details coming out in the investigation of the kidnap >> jacqueline: more cloud cover and fog showers in the morning hours. trier conditions expected by saturday and warmer conditions trendy into sund
into that. president obama facing ongoing questions is it stemming from the irs's targeting of conservative groups. with the first of several hearings set to kick off today, a second irs official is stepping down. he follows the agency's acting commissioner who announced his resignation earlier this week. now a white house budget official will take over the irs. meanwhile we've learned the irs staffer that wa er ther that in tea party groups were targeted is now in charge. >> bob woodward, the first time you've been back since all of these -- we're not exactly sure, do you call them scandals? do you call them elapses? we're not sure what you call them, but what do you make of what's happened over the past week and a half? >> starting with the irs, what's the impact? >> okay. well it's a big mess, obviously. i know there have been these comparison to watergate. i would say not yet, joe. you've made the point which i think is absolutely correct that you've got to investigate all of these things. the congress, the obama administration itself, needs to dig in to find out exactly what happened.
scandal the irs. the taxman is admitting it targeted groups based on politics. president obama is weighing in on the controversy. rich edson on the story in washington. it shouldn't surprise anyone is you can't help say stop watching me is what you want to say. >> president obama is waiting for the results after treasury inspector general investigation. that report is due out later this week. groups applying for tax-exempt status involving tea party groups back in 2010. in july officials requested specialists be on the lookout for tea party applications. in june 2011, the director of exempt organizations attended a briefing. on the agenda for that day was a discussion of identifying groups whose issues involved government spending and debt and taxes and those that have criticized how the government is run. and in january of last year, the irs began broadening its search of conservative groups. in his first remarks on the issue president obama said the irs's conduct is outrageous. >> the irs as an independent agency requires absolute integrity and people have to have confidence they're appl
cameron to arrive any minute now. just four months into his second term, president obama is having one of those rough weeks keeping the focus on his legislative agenda is hard for him. he find himself in the middle of two brewing controversies. friday's revelation that the irs targeted political groups. the question, can obama avoid curse of second term? let's bring in our monday gaggle, former communication aide to president george w. bush, democratic consultant and former executive director for the and welcome all. dan, it was a pretty bold headline by "washington post" on sunday. are we jumping that quickly. the second term, the president's second term as far as the legislative agenda. is it under that much pressure right now because of these two controversies? >> i think it's a legitimate question to raise and the story was very careful in looking at this thing historically. i mean, he had a very bad week last week which is an understatement. the no drama obama white house -- >> was all drama. >> all drama and you know the no drama obama white house is slow to react to things. some
. >> reporter: the internal revenue service has apologized for targeting groups. but that's not bringing down the heat on the white house. >> this morning, president obama was asked about the scandal. >> if you've got the irs operating in anything less than a neutral and nonpartisan way, then that is outrageous. it is concrete to our traditions and held accountable and got to be fixed. >> even though the irs is independent agency, republican law makers have been calling on the president to condemn the irs for flagging atea party groups.. >> this contributes to the distrust that the american people have in government. >> shows senior officials applying scrutiny to conservative critical groups. >> the pressure on the white house is coming from all directions. it's not just the republicans who want answers. democrats are climbing in as well. >> somebody paid the decision they would give scrutiny to this particular group. we have to understand why. >> congressional republicans have now raised the ante. working on new legislation that would make it a crime to discriminate for political views. cbs
and the health of your family depend on it. >>> it's been a busy day in washington. president obama announces the resignation of acting irs commissioner steve miller. i comes off the latest scandal, the irs targeting tea party groups since the spring of 2010. irs employees questioned conservative groups about their qualification for tax exempt stat fuss. palm addressed the matter today saying those who are responsible will be held accountable. >> the misconduct that uncovered is inexcusable. it's inexcusable and americans are right to be angry about it and i am angry about it. i will not tolerate this kind of behavior in any agency but especially in the irs. >> the president told reporters earlier this week he did not know about the irs's profiling until just last friday. >> it's been years since we've heard him but today o.j. simpson took the witness stand in a las vegas courtroom. he's serving a prison sentence for robbery, assault and kidnapping is appealing the convictions. on the stand the san francisco native recounted the series of e vebts that unfold ld after he learned a sports mem b
staffer in charge of the tax-exempt organizations at the time the tea party group was targeted is now part of the irs office that handles health care legislation. >>> speaking of that, obama care was under fire again yesterday. the 38th time a vote was taken to try to change the law. 229-195, just two democrats voting with republicans. since being signed into law, the affordable care act remains a divisive issue among americans. just 35% of americans have a favorable opinion of the law. of those who oppose it, 53% believe lawmakers should continue to try to repeal or change it. >>> and while congress has failed to come to terms on legislation in terms of guns and the deficit, immigration reform may not suffer the same fate. the so-called gang of eight's proposal has made it through a third round of senate committee hearings mostly in tact. the committee is considering more than 300 amendments to the bill. meanwhile, in the house, lawmakers reached an agreement in principle on a proposal. the plan is to be more conservative than the senates but will still contain a pathway to citizenship. >
's targeting of conservative groups. >> i want to apologize for the mistakes we made and the poor service we provided. >> man meanwhile, president obama has fulfilled the job of the acting irs commissioner. >> 16 tornadoes confirmed touched down. >> six people killed, seven missing. >> i have seen it in movies and news and stuff, but never happened. >>> another army officer relieved of his duties as manager of a sexual assault prevention program. >> this amid a series of high-profile cases of alleged sexual abuse. >> shameful and dangerous to our national security. >> in idaho, a man is in custody on custody charges, accused of wanting to use a weapon of mass destruction. >>> a car goes into the pool at a ft. lauderdale hotel. >>> a teenager bags the biggest alligator in texas. 800 pounds. >> all that and -- >> wow. that will bruise his ego. >> and david, you tenderly squeezed my arm at the end of that interview. >> oh, my god. >> i spent a lot of time of fidel castro. >> what does that mean, barbara? >> all that matters. >> the irs scandal claimed more victims. the agency softball team canc
at graduation. >>> this morning president obama says he knew nothing about a decision by the irs to target conservative groups for auditing. that includes groups which teach the constitution. scott mcagree, even the white house says it's shocked by the irs's behavior. >> it's interesting to watch this develop. conservatives have been attacking the president on benghazi. he also addressed that during this morning's press conference. this irs behavior may end up being a much bigger issue. the irs has acknowledged it targeted some nonprofits based simply on their names. it involved the words tea party or patriot, it was far more likely to be investigated to make make sure the charity was adhering to rules that allowed it to be tax exempt. nonprofits enjoy a tax-free status from time to time. they will make sure those groups are not advocating for a particular candidate because that would violate the rules. the controversy is the fact that conservative groups were specifically targeted, and even the irs now acknowledges that. jon and marla, the white house says if this behavior is true, it is,
, chris, this comes within the context of really a horrible week politically for president obama, whether you're talking about the investigation into benghazi and scrutiny of the administration's role or perhaps, more importantly, the irs unfairly and inappropriately, according to the obama administration itself, targeting conservative groups, and then of course you have the third story about the department of justice subpoenaing records from the associated press in a leak investigation. a lot of people think that is very heavy-handed tactics to go after the associated presses phone records like that. on top of all that, you now have the story of two terror suspects getting out of the control and getting out of the eyesight of the government agency that is supposed to be keeping a watch on them, chris. >> jake, you may have opened up the one that is going to worry americans the most because i believe somewhere else in that report it said that the witsec, witness security part of this program, wasn't aware of how many people they were monitoring. so while they're saying there are two that
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